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Interested in and willing to support a local community-focused venture that is committed to sustainability?

We’d love for you to join us.

an exciting new scheme for our customers

Having been open now for 5 years, we are keen to build upon the loyalty that many of our customers have shown us.


We are launching the Art & Soul Supporters.


For a minimum contribution of £120 (includes VAT) each supporter will be entitled to 10% discount on all transactions in Art & Soul for a 12 month period.
This will include:

  ·       all food and drinks
  ·       all events / concerts
  ·       all workshops

  ·       all regular ‘clubs’ (e.g. vinyl club, wine club, vegan tasting meals).
This will also apply to one guest per transaction in addition to the member.


This discount will apply to ‘kids activities’ and functions / parties / room hire, but will not apply to any art works or non-food articles purchased including greetings cards. The discount will also not apply to any ‘early bird discount’ i.e. only one discount will be applicable at any one time.
What this means is that if you visit us say 2 or 3 times per week, have at least one meal from our menu per week and come to, say, 6 events / workshops over the year and spend some money on some drinks from the bar when you do, you will recover the cost of the sponsorship. And if you use it for a guest from time to time, you will recover the cost much more quickly.


We will also ensure that you are first to know about events, ideas, changes to our menus and special events.
All you will need to do is to present the physical supporters card or supporter's number at the point of the transaction.
What we need from you is simple:    

   ·       your name    

   ·       your email address

   ·       your phone number 

Call us, click the link below or come and talk to us in person (we prefer this!)


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