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by Danny Cope

 from 5th April

A new exhibition of text based portraits of some of the greatest 

musical icons on display at Art & Soul Gallery


Whitney Houston
Tom Waits
Ray Charles
Paul Simon
Paul McCartney
Liam Gallagher
Kurt Cobain
Joni Mitchell
Johnny Cash
John Lennon
Freddie Mercury
Jimi Hendrix
Elvis Presley
Elton John
Dolly Parton
Bob Marley
Bob Dylan
Bruce Springsteen
Amy Whinehouse

for each image:       1 text box

6 fonts

40 hours(ish)

10,000 words(ish)

50,000 characters(ish)

about Danny....

TypedFace is the typographic project of Danny Cope, a Songwriter/Designer who has always loved experimenting with words and seeing what they can do. In this first series of his work, these TypedFaces blend Danny’s love of lyrics and graphic design into portraits that really are more about seeing than hearing what words can achieve. Each portrait is carefully crafted together by hand within one text box using an assortment of typewriter fonts, weightings and spaces to form the image. In this exhibition, what these artists are saying really is written all over their faces.

Coming soon.....