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by Jan Harrington

24th January 2023 - 26th February 2023

A bold series of works embracing colour, form and geometry using the the medium of hand-sewn thread on antique canvas
Colour block III
Colour block I
Diagonal study
Square threads I
Square threads IV
Square threads III
Square threads II
Colour study purple
Colour study red
Colour study yellow
Colour study blue
Colour study green



Jan’s work takes time, hours, days, sometimes months.


Working instinctively, it is watching the stitches cover the canvas in strange shapes and random colours that keeps Jan intrigued until each work is completed. A series of echoing pieces is then worked on. Patience allows Jan to become subsumed into the work distracted from the everyday with a calm mind and steady hand and soul.


Using both line and geometric shape in cotton and wool, the canvas also becomes an integral part of the work introducing grid patterns the thread can either work with or against.


Adding thread to her mark making practice, has allowed Jan to play with colour, working previously in black and white, bringing a warmth to her work and taking stitching in different and sometimes unexpected directions.

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