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Contemporary printmaking by
Kim Major-George


Silver Glimpses
Universal Flow
Woven Dimensions
Whispering Rhythms
Whispering Trails
Tranquil Moments
The Call of Home
Universal Force
Rhythms of the Earth
Storm Surge
Storm Echo
Silver Traces
Layers of Hope
Silverine Deep
Love made Visible
Orbs of Light
Land Traces
Golden Trails
Hope Within
Golden Timeslip
Golden Love
Golden Deep
Copper Trails
Glimpses of Home
Emerging Duality
Coppper Traces
Coming Home
Catching the Light
Ancient Whispers
Anchoring the Gap

Kim is an established artist /printmaker who uses the textured form of Collagraph hand pulled printing to create her unusual images.  Using her traditional printing press, she works and teaches from her studio in Buckinghamshire and is known for her exciting use of unusual plate making techniques and finishes.

Kim is heavily influenced by Esoteric wisdoms, affirmations, poetry and Ancient spiritual iconography.

She trained during the 70’s in design and interiors, later went on to teach Art part time whilst working as a freelance surface pattern designer and illustrator. A chance encounter with the raw mark making of collagraph printing sent her on this fascinating journey into printmaking with the development of her own unique way of printing using layered plates, imaginative embossing, hand embellishing and complex ways to mount the finished artwork.


Kim is the author of ‘Collagraph – a journey through texture’, a well-regarded reference book on Collagraph, ‘All Cracked Up’ & ‘All that Glitters  - can be gold’  the popular  Master Class booklets.

She is delighted to show her new work and will be giving taster sessions on drypoint printing on Saturday 25th September between 11am and 4pm.

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