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If you have some artwork that you would like to exhibit, then we would love to hear from you!


Looking Back
featuring artists of exhibitions at Art & Soul since 2018


A new day awaits by Georgina Westley
Badgers bonding by Sarah Clee
Freezing the ice by Peter Whelan
Cherry Red DM's by Oliver Winconek
In my own world by Karen Macwhinnie
Seasons of Mist by Astrig Akseralian
Driftwood and ice by Caroline Richardson
Tranquility by Caroline Richardson
Autumn Lights 5 by Geoff Goddard
Night out by Oliver Winconek
City by Sarah Wheatley
Skyscape by Melina Lafirenze
Untitled by Simon King-Underwood
Dock by Karen Macwhinnie
Timeless Truth by Kim Major-George
The minnow catcher by Andy Dakin
Enchanted earth by Margaret Gale

including work from:

Oliver Winconek, Astrig Akseralian, Geoff Goddard, Ann Priddy, Sarah Clee, Simon King-Underwood, Georgina Westley, Andy Dakin, Melina Lafirenze, Sarah Wheatley, Margaret Gale, Kim Major-George Peter Whelan and Caroline Richardson  

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