Food at Art & Soul
Food at Art & Soul

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Cakes at Art & Soul
Cakes at Art & Soul

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Relax at Art & Sou
Relax at Art & Sou

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Food at Art & Soul
Food at Art & Soul

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The Cafe

“Have you got a minute?” and your heart sinks when the charity collector pounces on you in the street. Of course you have a minute.

You actually have 1440 of them each day. But we say no because we are busy. I wonder what with though. At Art&Soul we want to invite you to pause for a few minutes amidst the busyness of your life to listen to someone tell you about what is going on in their life or maybe gaze at someone’s creativity in a work of art. And what better way to spend some minutes than being listened to or appreciated over some good food and a nice drink. Sure, I have a minute.

Fresh ingedients in all our food at Art & Soul


We use the freshest local ingredients for our food to give it that extra deliciousness

Unwind at Art & Soul


The cafe is a place to catch up with old friends and meet new ones

Work or Relax at Art & Soul

Work or Relax

With two floors full of cosy spots, the cafe is a great place to settle in for some hard work & fuelling coffee

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Great coffee is one of life's perks. 

With that in mind, we use only the best speciality coffee.  Our coffee is from local Cambridgeshire coffee roasters Hot Numbers who source the beans from specific locations, direct from the coffee grower and then create the beautiful blend that we use at Art & Soul.

So how does the speciality coffee taste?

Our coffee has a chocolatey-rich bass line cut through with punchy summer fruit in the top notes.

Our standard menu changes regularly to make sure we can use the freshest ingredients. 

To see what we have on offer this week see our menu page.

If you'd like to try our Afternoon Tea please book at least 72 hours before so we can make sure everything is just right

All our cakes are freshly baked in house by our pastry chefs. We have vegan and gluten free options available daily.

Celebration cakes

Please call us if you would like to have a cake made for your own special occasion.


cakes at Art & Soul