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Joao Yordanov Serralheiro
@ Art & Soul

A bit about Joao...

Born in Portugal and residing in Cambridge UK, from early in my life I developed a big admiration and passion for Landscape Photography, influenced by the proximity to the beautiful Portuguese West Silver Coast during my youth.

Although I have been a big admirer of Photography since a young age, I only took my first steps into Landscape Photography by the end of 2009. However, due to life circumstances, I paused my Photography journey a couple of years later.

In early 2022, I received a Camera Body for Birthday Present and a request from my wife to go back to Photography, knowing about my lifetime passion. I decided to resume my journey into the Photography world with my favourite genre, Landscape Photography, and also a newly developed passion for Astrophotography. In general, I like all kinds of Photography, so if there would be a need to put a label on my Photography style, I would say I identify myself as an Outdoor Photographer.

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