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Caroline Dewar
@ Art & Soul

Windowof the Soul2 - Art & Soul
Jolly Pots - Art & Soul
Chalky pots - Art & Soul
Abstract1 - Art & Soul
Black Magic - Art & Soul
Ancient Olive - Art & Soul
Eternal France - Detail1 - Art
Dewar - EternalFrance - Detail2
Intricate - Art & Soul
Art & Soul

A bit about Caroline...


I trained traditionally in both printed & woven textile design at Chelsea School of Art and Middlesex University. I worked initially as a freelance designed supplying both printed and woven designs to clothing manufacturers as well as working as a part time tutor at art colleges in and around London. My interest has always been colour, texture and surface pattern and how techniques can be applied. I enjoy a wide range of subject matter for design inspiration and have a ‘what if’ approach to creative experimentation.


With the migration of producing designs by hand to producing designs using specialist design software I became fascinated by the new CGI technology that was evolving for the textile & apparel sectors. The need for industry to meet market demand for speedy design solutions led me to set up my own company in Wembley supplying computer aided design solutions to the high street clothing supply chain. This included running a successful bureau service and training facility.


In the last seven years I have returned to working by hand and revitalising my creative skills. I have been investigating new techniques previously unexplored such as print making, and developing ranges of figurative, semi-abstract and abstract artwork. I undertake commission work, exhibit regularly and run creative workshops.

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