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Jean Kosse
@ Art & Soul

The Priest
Kyiv Streets
The Ghost


A bit about Jean...


Jean Kosse is a Ukrainian street photographer based in the UK. He began his journey as a street photographer a decade ago, finding inspiration in the works of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliott Erwitt, Alex Webb, and other renowned photographers. Jean's photography revolves around documenting expressions, moments, and emotions, viewing the act of capturing an image as a way to explore our unique world.

With an unwavering passion for capturing life's most beautiful moments, Jean's lens reveals the extraordinary in the ordinary. His photographs are an ode to the power of observation and the beauty of human expression.

Whether exploring the vibrant streets of London or the winding alleys of Lisbon, Jean's photography reveals a world of untold stories and hidden beauty. Through his lens, we see the world anew, noticing the details and moments that might otherwise pass us by. 

Jean's work has been exhibited at art fairs, and his latest photobook captures the essence of his unique vision. 

For anyone who loves street photography or simply appreciates the beauty of the world around us, Jean's work is a must-have.

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