Our Menu

**Available from Monday 12th April** 

All Day Menu

Spiced Apple Porridge
Smooth milky porridge with cinnamon spiced apples & pears
Milk Options:
Whole Milk | Oat | Soya


American Pancakes
(Vegan & Gluten Free pancakes available)
Thick & fluffy American style pancakes
Maple Syrup | Golden Syrup | Chocolate Sauce | Strawberry Syrup
Lemon & Sugar | Nutella | Strawberries & Cream | Honey 
Milk Options:
Whole Milk | Oat | Soya


Eggs on Sourdough 
(Gluten Free Bread Available)
Scrambled | Fried | Poached


Eggs Benedict
Poached eggs served on a toasted English muffin
with creamy hollandaise sauce
Classic: English back bacon supplied from our local butcher
Florentine: Spinach & fresh tomatoes (Vg)


Posh Toast (V)
Vegan Mushrooms pan fried in a delightfully creamy sauce
filled with garlic & herbs
Served on Sourdough with a Side Salad & one of our unique dressings


Young Artists

Marmite on Toast £1.8        Cheese on Toast £2         Fruit Salad £2
Cheesy Crumpet  £2        Egg & Soldiers £2.5        Beans  on Toast £3
Bacon Sandwich £3



Lunch Menu 


Soup of the Day (V)

A hearty Soup of the Day made in-house

Served with bread & butter

Bread Options: Sourdough | Toasted Sourdough | Crumpet | GF Bread | GF Toasted




Served with a side salad

Bread Options: Thick White Bread (V) Seeded Bread (GF)

 BLT | Cheese & Pickle (Vg) | Vegan BLT (V)



Vegan Burger (V)

Served in a Brioche Bun with a Side Salad

Homemade patty of mixed spices, chickpeas, celery, shallots, tomatoes,

parsley & caramelised onions



Parmesan Wedges with Aioli Dip (Vg)

Crispy parmesan outside, soft fluffy inside, these wedges are salted & mixed in Italian herbs & olive oil


In case you missed our

Tastes from Around the World Menu during lockdown

we have selected a few of the favourites for you to try


Trinidadian Doubles (V)

Spiced coconut & chickpea curry on a crispy flatbread

Served with a cool cucumber salsa to beat the heat



Bajan Macaroni Pie (Vg)

A baked casserole that’s creamy, savoury & slightly sweet

with a perfectly crunchy breadcrumb topping

Served with Garlic Bread



Panisses with Aioli Dip (V) (Gf)

Panisses are pan-fried chips made from chickpeas

They originate from the French regions of Provence & Cote d’Azur

Creamy, crunchy & savoury, it is said that they taste like something between French fries and hummus


Vegan (V)     Vegetarian (Vg)    Gluten Free (Gf)


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