our vision

A community where loneliness has no place

Make do with less more often

...but give more care

Share whenever you can

Nurture joy


Hi.  We're Tim & Caroline and we first had the idea for Art & Soul many years ago and have been waiting to find the right space for it, and the right time. It is the outworking of our diverse experience and desire to build community amongst busy lives. It also provides the opportunity to explore ethical and environmental issues with our customers and move forward together in making a difference for good.

In the years since we had the germ of an idea we have been busy doing loads of things and gathering stories through art, IT, teaching, leadership training, business, collaborative projects and much more, .....and baking and good food are hugely important to us. Art & Soul allows us to put all this experience to use and to pass on a passion for people and the environment that we inhabit.

next steps
the work

The journey it took to get the Art & Soul building to be what it is now was a long one. 

Here are some images of it along the way.


VAT registration number: 295447364

reg no: 3234816

registered address: the clocktower 5 farleigh court old western road flax bourton bristol bs48 1ur