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Our Journey

We believe that great coffee is one of the best things in life. And life is much more than coffee

It’s about meaning, purpose, love, happiness, belonging and connection. Oh, and of course it’s about fabulous cake, tasty food, following your local football team and seeing young children eat chocolate for the first time. Random isn’t it?

All of this and much more is present at Art&Soul Café Gallery Creative Hub.


It’s an ethically responsible place that fosters connection, creativity and imagination. A place of the possible and optimistic when times are tough for many folks.


Hi.  We're Tim & Caroline and we first had the idea for Art & Soul many years ago and have been waiting to find the right space for it, and the right time. It is the outworking of our diverse experience and desire to build community amongst busy lives. It also provides the opportunity to explore ethical and environmental issues with our customers and move forward together in making a difference for good.

Art & Soul St Neots Our Journey

Next Steps

In the years since we had the germ of an idea we have been busy doing loads of things and gathering stories through art, IT, teaching, leadership training, business, collaborative projects and much more, .....and baking and good food are hugely important to us.

Art & Soul allows us to put all this experience to use and to pass on a passion for people and the environment that we inhabit.

The Work

The journey it took to get the Art & Soul building to be what it is now was a long one. 

Here are some images of it along the way.

The Name

The Soul bit is about what it means to be wonderfully human. Deep. Helping build community and connections with old and new friends. No place for loneliness.


The Art bit is about the innate creativity we all have as human beings. Whether it is actually drawing a house with four windows and a door (we all started there didn’t we!) or joining a workshop to explore other creative media and having fun, our hope is that over time there will something that inspires you. And of course, the Gallery is a place where artists young and old (truly courageous people really...) can exhibit their work and bare their souls to inspire us all.


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