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catherine peddel @ Art & Soul

Catherine Peddel - pink flowers
Catherine Peddel - Low Tide
Catherine Peddel - red flowers
Catherine Peddel - High Tide

A bit about Catherine...


A love of creating textile art has a special significance to me and my past.


I first used this medium some years ago when I gave my sister a special housewarming present. I dyed old linen sheets that belonged to our Grandmother, inspiration for the work came from our father’s garden. I loved making this and the ideas have continued and evolved.


Using a variety of printing techniques, I create a background. then carefully select fabric and cut out the design motifs. With multi-coloured threads, the motifs are machine stitched into place.


I am now exploring the use of tea and coffee filters as a background fabric. The filters are dried and carefully emptied before decorating with paint, machine and hand sewing.

You can reserve any of our available artwork for collection from the cafe

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