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Tim Richardson
@ Art & Soul

Basic Necessities
Pages of history
Odd fellows
Pop Up Shop
Junction Disguise
Looking Forward
What's Up
Growth Economics
new york 2007
Sandwich man
Forgotten waters
Once upon a time
Extreme art
Forgotten treasure

A bit about Tim...


Throughout my life, I have tended to see things a bit differently. I seem to be wired to notice things and from time to time, I have had a camera to hand. This is made so much easier these days with the advent of smart phone cameras of course. 


These images from around the world each have their own individual story, sometimes clear and apparent, and sometimes obtuse. I like to think that there is an invitation for each of us to imagine the story attached to each. I certainly like to imagine what is, was or could be going on, perhaps who might be involved and what message or messages occur to me when I let them impact me.


One thing that they have in common is that of a manmade interface - often creative, occasionally profound, marvellous, wonderful, confusing, powerful, humourous. 


I invite you to allow your imagination free rein and hope that you enjoy the moments you will spend doing so. Furthermore, I invite you to open your eyes outside and notice more than perhaps you are accustomed to doing. 

You can learn more about Astrig here.

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