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Collected Works

5th September - 2nd October
View from riverside park, St. Neots
Cleymill Norfolk
Low tide – Devon estuary
“My favourites”
Wells Norfolk
Cley Mill Norfolk
Cemetery road, St. Neots
“Ba aaa”
Fenland road
North Norfolk farm

A bit about Mike...


I’m a retired hydraulic engineer. Born in Hitchin, Herts (1946) and schooled in Stevenage. In 1971 my employer relocated from Hitchin to St Neots where I have been ever since. I live with my partner and we are both interested and active in arts and crafts.


Since my school days I’ve painted in oils and acrylics but was never really happy with my efforts. Looking to improve on my skills I joined an evening class. The only one I could find at that time was for watercolour so I ‘gave it a go’. From there on I was hooked on watercolour and now paint exclusively in this medium.


A previous national level pole vaulter and decathlete I now share my time between gardening, keeping fit, carpentry and developing my watercolour skills. Much of my work is painted in my studio - my previous ‘circuit and workout’ gym.


I draw my inspiration from the old masters of watercolour Edward Seago, Edward Wesson and currently the well known Chien Chung Wie


Coming Soon

Caroline Dewar & John Storey - A Joint Exhibition