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Art for Art's sake

by Simon King-Underwood




A bit about Simon...


"I trained at Epsom University for the Creative Arts in ‘Fashion illustration and Photography’ and graduated in 1994. 


My creative time is split between living in Houghton, Cambridgeshire where I am a member of a weekly life drawing group, regular residential trips to Norfolk coast, particularly Wells-Next-The-Sea.


My current work is a mixture of both figurative and landscape art and geometric photography. Occasionally I flirt with fashion illustration when I feel inspired that way.


More recently I have been experimenting with geometric art and digital photography and have been working under the description ‘Geometric Constructivism’.


I use geometric marks to describe nature in a semi-representative way so the subject is still recognisable but somehow different. I like to play with the subject using unfamiliar mediums, I do not consider myself as a painter but as an artist."

Tonal study
Brancaster Beach
Tree in Winter
Summer haze
Wells Harbour
White Tree
Bark study
Grey woods
The Island
What lies Beneath
Reeds at Night
Holkham Beach
Before the Storm
Sunlight through the Pines
Dark Woods
Snakes Head Fritillary


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