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Ready Vejjie

We love our Vegan & Vegetarian dishes so much that we've decided to make them available in a handy frozen ready meal format for you to takeaway and cook for yourselves in the comfort of your own home.

This Months Menu

Vegan (V)     Vegetarian (Vg)     Made without Gluten    (MWG)    Can be adapted to Suit (*)

***Each meal serves 1 Person***

Vegan Trinidadian Chickpea Curry (V)

Vegan Smokey Sausage & Fennel Ragu Fusilli topped with Prosociano

Lemon Jambalaya (MWG)

Tofu Chilli (MWG)

Vegan Moussaka (MWG)

£4.50 Each

or 2 for £8

Pop into the cafe and buy at the counter

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