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this Christmas

Kindness can make a huge difference to us all on days when we’re feeling low. Some of us may not be able to afford a coffee from a coffee shop, but sometimes we just need to know that someone cares even if we can.


At Art & Soul we’d like to give everyone the opportunity to show they care in a tangible way. Anyone can pay for a drink, a meal or a cake (set amounts) and write a short message on a card, which someone else can pick up and use as payment for their choice of any the drinks, meals and cakes available on the day they visit.


This isn’t just needed at Christmas though. Christmas can be a particularly stressful time for all sorts of reasons, but there’s just as much need the rest of the year. We’re Paying it Forward this Christmas, but if it works out we may continue to pay it forward in 2024.


We will accept donations in the cafe, but also online (notes will need to be printed rather than handwritten if you use our website for this of course).

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