Our Menu

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All day menu

Spiced Apple Porridge                                                                  4.50

Smashed Avocado on Sourdough Toast                3.50/5.50

Finished with fresh herbs and toasted seeds


Eggs on Sourdough Toast                                                  4.00/6.00

Scrambled, fried or poached Pancetta (add 1.75) Avocado (add 1.75)


Eggs Benedict                                                                        6.00/7.50

Served with poached eggs, creamy hollandaise on a toasted English muffin

*The Classic - always delicious with English bacon

*Eggs Florentine - locally sourced spinach and grilled tomatoes

*Eggs Royale - on a bed of deliciously smoked salmon (add 2.00)


American Pancakes                                                            4.00/6.00

Thick fluffy American style pancakes with your choice of toppings

Vegan & Gluten Free options available For your sweet tooth!

*maple syrup *golden syrup *chocolate syrup *strawberry syrup

*lemon & sugar *Nutella * strawberries & cream * honey


The Breakfast Stack                                                                 8.00

A hearty tower of crispy bacon, sausage, egg, cheddar cheese, lambs lettuce and juicy tomato to fill you up

Finishing Touches

Avocado 1.75 Bacon 1.75 Pancetta 1.75 Extra egg 1.25 Feta 1.25

Grilled tomatoes 1.00 Halloumi 1.50 Sourdough 1.25 Smoked Salmon 2.00



Salad of the Day                                                                            5.00

Please see our specials board

Soup of the Day                                                                    3.50/5.00

Please see our specials board

Posh Toast                                                                              5.50/7.50

Our selection of recipes that hit the spot, served on toasted sourdough and served with a side salad and one of our unique flavourful dressings. Gluten free bread available

*The Posh Dog

      Local sausages packed with seasoning, layered with fried onions and a homemade honey-mustard dressing

* Halloumi, Asparagus and Poached Egg

      Grilled Cypriot halloumi, with blanched asparagus and an oozing poached egg

*Vegan Creamy Mushrooms

      Pan fried mushrooms in a delightfully creamy sauce filled with garlic and herbs


Spicy Meatballs and Ciabatta                                                 7.00

Meatballs marinated in a rich spicy tomato sauce and homemade pesto dressing, served with a ciabatta roll for dipping


Roasted Vegetable and Bacon Quinoa Salad (Ve)          7.25

Highly seasoned roasted  vegetables, drizzled in olive oil, mixed in wholesome quinoa and topped with smoked vegan bacon strips (Ve)


Vegan Burger  (Ve)                                                                        7.50

Homemade patty of mixed spices, chickpeas, celery, shallots, tomatoes,

parsley & caramelised onions. Served on a Brioche bun (Ve)


Marinated Chicken                                                                        8.99

Succulent, locally sourced chicken breast slow cooked in a herbed marinade of rosemary, basil and thyme; served with fluffy roast potatoes and fresh root vegetables

Young Artists


Egg & soldiers 2.50

Beans on toast 2.50

Marmite toast 1.75

Fruit Salad 2.00

Bacon sandwich 2.50

Cheesy crumpet 2.00

Cheese sandwich 1.75



We grind Hot Numbers Coffee who are a Cambridgeshire 

roastery, crafting speciality grade coffee, selecting the

highest quality Coffee Arabica and 100% ethically sourced


Hot Drinks           5.5oz        8oz         12oz                        

Flat White                2.50        2.70          x

Latte                          x             x           3.00

Cappuccino             x           2.70       3.00

Americano             2.70        2.50       2.70

Mocha                      x            3.00         3.40

Macchiato              2.40           x             x

Double Espresso    2.40          x             x

Chai Latte                x              x          3.00

Hot Chocolate        x              x          3.00

Art & Soul

Hot Chocolate       x              x           3.50

Our standard is two shots of coffee per drink, 

if you’d like it a little weaker please let us know



Whole * Skim * Soya

Oat * Coconut (+30p)


Syrups.                                               50p              

Vanilla (sugar free available)

Caramel (sugar free available) 

Hazelnut (sugar free available)


Kandula Tea                                                             

Loose Leaf                                             2.00               

    English Breakfast                                                

    Earl Grey                                                              


 Tea Gems                                        2.25

    Ceylon Ivory Tea

    Ceylon Green Tea

    Chamomile & Rose

    Lemon & Ginger

    Strawberry Hibiscus

    Moroccan Mint


Cold Drinks                                                                      

Iced Coffee.                                      2.50

Iced Latte                                          3.00

Frappe                                               3.00

Mocha Frappe                                  3.50

Milkshakes.    (Strawberry, Chocolate, Raspberry, Vanilla)

    Dairy                                               3.20

    Vegan                                            4.00

Posh Pop                                            2.70

    Cloudy lemonade, Elderflower, Ginger beer,

    Sloe and rose lemonade

Gusto Organic Cola                          3.00

Cambridge Juice Company            2.70

    Orange & clementine, Apple, Apple & raspberry,

    Apple & elderflower                                                          


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reg no: 3234816

registered address: the clocktower 5 farleigh court old western road flax bourton bristol bs48 1ur