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After 5 ½ years, we (Caroline and Tim) at Art & Soul have reached the point of no return

 A combination of debts accrued during and immediately post Covid that we are having to pay back each month, increases in costs, trading that is stable but not increasing and the slow recovery of the High Street in general means we must throw in the towel as the current company


We have loved the journey to here, even with the tumultuous events over the last 5 years. We’ve made lots of friends, created many jobs, and hopefully brought some brightness and joy into St. Neots.


Our staff team have been amazing over all the time we have been open and we feel upset for them of course as well as for the many customers for whom our place is a home from home.

Sadly though, passion alone doesn’t pay the bills

We are hopeful that a new Community Interest Company can rise from the ashes and take on the brand (more information here) . We are exploring ways of offering more people from the community the chance to own and run the business because we believe it has established a strong presence in the town and provides real benefits to many. Moreover, we believe that St Neots has a big future and we hope someone or something might emerge to take on the next chapter of Art & Soul. Perhaps with us.


For now, we can only express our deepest and most sincere thanks for all the support that people have given over the time we have been open


Lots of love

Caroline & Tim

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